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Meet Your Designers

Wisconsin born, Michigan raised, Annmarie is from a military family who was stationed in Louisiana and loved it so much they decided not to leave!

Annmarie has been a wedding and event florist since 2013, designing events from Lake Charles to New Orleans.  Whimsical, garden style arrangements are her jam, but does not shy away from other styles.


A lover of coffee, books and cozy sweatshirts.   She lives on a few acres outside of Baton Rouge with her husband, three dogs and three cats.  

Annmarie Meyers
-Founder/ Lead Designer

Sarah loves all things flowers and plants; whether designing, growing, or painting. You will find her head first in a crossword or jigsaw puzzle, creating in her at home art studio or watching sports with her fiancé to relax on her day off. 

She loves a trip to the grocery store, a good hike in the woods,  catching fish and she doesn’t know how to slow down. 


Sarah resides in Baton Rouge, living with her fiancé, Daniel, and their cat, Corn Chip. They are expecting their first little boy in May 2024. 

Sarah Mollere
-Floral Manager/ Lead Designer
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Why Hummingbird?

Hummingbirds have always held a special place in my family.  My maternal grandmother loved them so much, she would plant specific flowers in her garden to attract them.   She's the reason I love flowers as much as I do.  My father now carries on the tradition, and although his garden isn't as prolific as my grandmothers was, they still flock to his feeders.  

Our tagline 'Flowers that make your heart flutter' is even inspired by hummingbirds and their wings that beat so fast you can't even see them! 

BA Headshots 2023-1053.jpg
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